sale price

On Sale? Yes. Cheap? Not Exactly.

Morel Mushrooms at The Wedge for 33% Off The distinction between “on sale” and “cheap” is nicely illustrated by the morel mushrooms currently on sale for $39.99/lb.(!) at The Wedge Co-op on Lyndale in Minneapolis. And yes, the principle is frequently on display in residential real estate sales. Unfortunately, neither the Kaplan family budget nor...
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What Should the Seller Say?

After the Purchase Agreement is Signed, But Before Closing Loose lips may not sink (housing) ships — but they can cost a Seller money. That’s especially true if their home’s ultimate sales price was (well) below the last asking (list) price, and the deal subsequently doesn’t close. Funny how, in that rare-but-unhappy scenario, the discounted...
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“So, What’d They Get??”

“Only Their Hairdressers Realtors Know For Sure”* When you see the “For Sale” sign disappear in front of a home, the presumption — amongst Realtors and non-Realtors alike — is that the house closed, and that the sales price is now a matter of public record. Which prompts non-Realtors to ask Realtors what it sold for....
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Realtor Rumors & Tall Tales

“It Was THIS Big! No, It Was THIS Big!” First, stipulate that Realtors as a group are a talkative bunch. Then, consider that listing agents (at least good ones) hold any sales details very close to the vest — at least until closing. The result is an active rumor mill surrounding the status and disposition...
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