March 6, 2013

What Should the Seller Say?

After the Purchase Agreement is Signed, But Before Closing Loose lips may not sink (housing) ships — but they can cost a Seller money. That’s especially true if their home’s ultimate sales price was (well) below the last asking (list) price, and the deal subsequently doesn’t close. Funny how, in that rare-but-unhappy scenario, the discounted...
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Especially Bad Choices for Lockbox Combo’s

“They’ll Never Guess THAT One!” Which of the following do you suppose are a bad idea for a lockbox combination, to access a “For Sale” home? A. The home’s street address. B. “A-B-C-D.” C. “1-2-3-4.” D. The Realtor’s initials. E.  The initials of the Realtor’s significant other. Correct answer:   credit given for all of the...
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