Fall = Fall Off in Home Sales? Not for Upper Bracket

4th Quarter Spike in Relocation Sales Yes, eventually the leaves will all be down, truly cold weather will arrive . . . and the seasonal Holiday slow-down will be upon us. But, not yet. In the meantime, the Twin Cities housing market continues to be characterized by a shortage of inventory and brisk activity. In...
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Doing a Final Walk-Thru Inspection on a Long-Vacant Home

As Minnesota home sellers know (or should), the required Seller Disclosure is a “live” document, up to the date of closing. Translation:  if something bad happens to the house after it goes on the market, the Seller needs to update their disclosure. But, what happens if the Seller is long gone? (often the case with...
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Pros and Cons of Relo(cation) Buyers for Home Sellers

The Relocation Fire Drill, or, “The Turbo-Charged Home Search” Relocation Buyers — often serial corporate transferees — present both opportunities and challenges for Sellers. First, the bad news:  such Buyers typically look at LOTS of homes, across a wide range of neighborhoods and home styles. That’s because they don’t know the local community well or...
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Who Owns It?

Corporate vs. Individual Homeowner Owner:  National Residential Nominee Services Inc, 7500 Dallas Pkwy Ste 100, Plano , TX Taxpayer:  National Residential Nominee Services Inc, 7500 Dallas Pkwy Ste 100, Plano , TX —Property tax statement, Hennepin County One of the first questions I try to answer, as a Buyer’s agent checking out a listing is,...
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Ross Kaplan Pledge: “If I’m Not the Best Realtor to Help You Buy or Sell Your Home . . . I’ll Find the Realtor Who Is — Anywhere in the U.S.”

Local Expert, National Connections I don’t sell homes in Washington D.C., Manhattan, Chicago, or Tucson, Arizona. But, I’ve helped clients buy and sell properties in all those places. How? By tapping into Edina Realty’s national relocation network, to find agents who specialize in those areas. “Jack (Jill?) of All Trades = Master of None” Closer...
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“Do You Know Someone Moving to Denver? Refer Me, and Get a Bonus!”

“You Know a Housing Market’s Hot When . . .” I’ll occasionally get marketing pieces from agents active in Scottsdale, Florida, or other warm spots Minnesotans are known to congregate, especially in the (very) cold winter months. But, I don’t recall getting a pitch from someone based in Denver, soliciting referrals, like the one I got...
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