realtor shorthand

“Lake Nokomis-y” vs. “Lake Harriet-ish”

Realtor Shorthand for Minneapolis Neighborhoods A knowledgeable Twin Cities Buyer’s agent would never say they had a client looking for a home near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis (“Lake Harriet-ish,” I suppose). Instead, they’d name the various neighborhoods adjacent to it:  Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, East Harriet, and Fulton (just to the southwest) — each with (surprisingly)...
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Decoding “FHA Rehab 203k Loans” on MLS

Clues to Home’s Condition:  Seller’s Financing Terms “Seller Terms: FHA, FHA Rehab 203k, DVA, Conventional, Adj. Rate/Gr Payment, Special Funding, Cash.” –MLS listing Can you spot the yellow flag in the preceding list of financing options? No rule of thumb is 100%, but the vast majority of the time, when the Seller’s financing terms include...
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Realtor Shorthand for, “Let Me Know if it’s About to Sell”

Strategic Use of Showing Feedback Forms It can be a conundrum for both Buyers’ agents and listing agents (representing Sellers):  a new-to-market property in a hot neighborhood looks like it’s going to sell quickly, and everyone wants to know what’s going on. Without overplaying their hand. As a listing agent, it’s presumptuous to call an...
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