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“The More Things Change . . .” [Editor’s Note:  In honor of Twitter’s IPO tomorrow, I thought it was timely to re-run this post from more than 4(!) years ago, offering my perspective on how technology and specifically social media are impacting residential real estate.  P.S.:  Oh — and I was right about Susan Boyle,...
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Weight Loss — Realtor Version

OK, so it’s not a lot, but I managed to shed about 8 ounces this week. Not from my waistline, exactly — more like from my belt. The explanation? I traded in my cigarette pack-sized “smart key” — what Realtors use to open electronic lock boxes — for a tiny, infrared adapter that plugs into my...
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“I Don’t Want to Learn One More New Thing!”

Excel 2003 — or Excel 2012? Maybe the “amen” I heard was just in my head, but I know that that’s what practically every other Realtor in the room was at least thinking when a colleague uttered the line above (at the weekly Exceptional Properties meeting). In fact, at least for some of us Realtors these...
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What’s Holding Up Electronic Signatures?

Real Estate’s “Next Big Thing” — Really Electronic signatures are one of those developments that are supposed to be The Next Big Thing — every year for a decade running (see, “2012:  Year of the Electronic Signature“). Yet anecdotally, I’d say that less than 5% of Realtors have made the switch to date. So, what’s holding...
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More Male Realtors in Today’s Real Estate Market?

Three Reasons (#3. “The Larry Summers Factor”) [Editor’s Note:  see “Changing Realtor Demographics” for more on this subject.] Scan the headlines, and it’s apparent that women are making steady inroads in corporate boardrooms, academe, and formerly “male” professions like law and accounting. So, where are more men showing up? In real estate. It’s only an anecdotal observation, but here...
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Faxes R.I.P. (b. 1975, d. 2011)

Realtor Best Practices “Hello, electronic signatures, good-bye faxes!” That’s the upshot of Realtor meetings and cont. ed courses I’ve attended the last 2-3 months. “In With the New . . .” After years of hype, electronic signatures are finally a reality in the real estate business:  they’re secure, legally valid, and — with widespread adoption —...
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