April 27, 2011

Room for Kids & the Dog — But Not Clients

Shopping for a New (Leased) Car It dawned on me the other week at a showing:  me, Mr. Client, and Mrs. Client all arrived in our own cars, coming from 3 different locations — and 45 minutes later left in 3 separate cars, heading 3 different places. Energy-efficient or not, that’s how busy Buyers (and...
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More Male Realtors in Today’s Real Estate Market?

Three Reasons (#3. “The Larry Summers Factor”) [Editor’s Note:  see “Changing Realtor Demographics” for more on this subject.] Scan the headlines, and it’s apparent that women are making steady inroads in corporate boardrooms, academe, and formerly “male” professions like law and accounting. So, where are more men showing up? In real estate. It’s only an anecdotal observation, but here...
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Open House as Hypothesis

“Nice Listing” What’s the best use of an open house — specifically, a Broker open for fellow Realtors? Selling the house would, of course, be delightful. But the highest and best use of a Broker Open — in my opinion — is actually for the listing agent to refine and focus their marketing campaign — and...
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