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Great vs. Merely Good Photos: When Saving $100 Can Cost a Home Seller $10k (or More!)

Which Owner’s Suite Would YOU Rather Have?? “The first showing is online.” –Realtor conventional wisdom. Here’s a news flash for listing agents or homeowners tempted to skimp on photography: Don’t. Those shots are prospective Buyers’ first impression of the home, and — if they’re not sufficiently impressive — their last. Rocky Mountain Retreat at Dusk Doubters...
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“Tax: 1.2 MLS: 1.5”: When .3 Matters . . . A LOT!!

Tax Records vs. MLS I don’t know about other Buyers’ agents, but before I show clients a 1.5 story home — or one that’s billed as a 1.5 story home on MLS — I first check the county tax records. When the county says “1.2 stories,” I know that any upstairs Bedroom is marginal at...
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Showing Off Location

How do you show off a home’s proximity to the Midtown Greenway in South Minneapolis? This photo (left) is a pretty good start. In particular, the angle captures the Greenway’s physical setting:   a 5.5-mile long former railroad corridor that connects to 100-plus miles of Twin City bike paths (and yes, it’s actually green now!). The listing also includes photos of various...
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