pre-list prep

Sell in Fall, Or Wait For Spring?

“Wait ‘Till Next Year Spring!” A lot of prospective Minnesota home sellers are weighing that decision right now. Of course, many don’t have a choice:  a new job, bigger/smaller family, or health issues may be forcing them to make a change, now. Other Sellers have so much prep to do that, realistically, a Spring debut...
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Why Realtors Don’t Give Volume Discounts

Cheaper by the Dozen?  Nope If you buy four tires, you usually get a better deal than if you buy one. Ditto for volume purchases of airline tickets, car washes, bagels — you name it. So, why don’t Realtors give “repeat customer” discounts? Because there are no economies of scale in residential real estate. No...
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Selling Each House 3(!) Times

Why does that Realtor you know look so tired? In today’s market, it’s likely that they’re actually selling each listing three times. The first time is to the prospective Seller, whose market expectations  . .  shall we say . . . may be a little out of date. That means patiently educating them about Comp’s; helping them...
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