January 25, 2011

“Make that the 16 Photo Package”

More Neighborhood Shots? From the long-established 10 photo maximum, MLS has just recently jumped to permitting 16 photos per listing. What will that mean for home sellers and their agents? My guess is that it depends — no surprise — on the property. Case-by-Case So, for a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath home (or condo) with under...
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Fewer “Leftovers” = Better Market Tone

One Less Holdover in Fern Hill What characterizes a weakening housing market? Currently “For Sale” properties linger inordinately, creating a backlog that undercuts pricing for successive, new listings. What characterizes a firming market? Long-time, “carryover” listings get absorbed, tightening supply and setting the stage for more aggressive listing prices prospectively. Category #2:  Exhibit A You...
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“Too many special features to list”

How About Naming a Few? “Too many special features to list.” –Excerpt, MLS listing I guess I would be more persuaded of that fact if the Listing Agent had used the rest of the allotted space under “Public Remarks” to actually name a few of them. Or had bothered to complete the (empty) “Agent Remarks” field, just above; appended...
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Selling Each House 3(!) Times

Why does that Realtor you know look so tired? In today’s market, it’s likely that they’re actually selling each listing three times. The first time is to the prospective Seller, whose market expectations  . .  shall we say . . . may be a little out of date. That means patiently educating them about Comp’s; helping them...
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