Please remove shoes

“Please Take Off Shoes” Sign Goes High Tech (sort of)

Don’t Trip on the $500(?) iPad on the Floor! (or is it??) I did see it in the foyer of a swanky, $1 million home in Minnetonka. But, that’s not an iPad (or tablet computer) on the floor, instructing Sunday Open House visitors to please remove their shoes. The hosting agent assured me that it...
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Taking a Bullet — Make That, “Potential Nail” — For the Team

The OTHER Kind of  Walk-Thru Inspection I don’t know about other listing agents (representing Sellers), but before I set out a “Please Remove Your Shoes” sign at one of my listings, especially if it’s vacant, I first do a run-through. A shoe-less run-through. If and only if I emerge unscathed do I ask Buyers and their agents...
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“Please Remove Shoes” Snafus

Listing Agent (THIS one!) as Guinea Pig As a listing agent (representing Sellers), before I ask agents and their clients to take off their shoes, I always make a point of taking off mine and walking through the home. So, on a new listing a couple weeks ago, my socks snagged on a protruding “finish”...
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“You Say To-ma-to, I Say To-mah-to”

To a Realtor, “slip-on’s” have it exactly backward. Their entire appeal lies in their being slip-off’s. After 3-4 consecutive showings — or 7 or 8 — that feature becomes pretty important. Exception Proves the Rule The vast majority of Realtors (and their clients) are very respectful about removing their shoes, because they know next time it...
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Realtor Visual Aids

Real Estate Marketing 101 Realtors use “sign tents” in a variety of situations (it’s a called a “tent” because it’s in the shape of a triangle, and looks tent-like). The standard sign, of course, is “Please Remove Shoes.” But custom signs are a great way to call attention to hidden home features. So, I’ve had...
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"Please Remove Shoes"

“Please Remove Shoes??” Please Remove Carpet (Tack) Strip!! Removing your shoes at the front door before proceeding to show a home is one of those courtesies that Realtors — and their clients — invariably respect. Ditto for the other, standard showing instructions (“turn off lights, leave card, don’t let Fluffy out”). Removing your shoes in...
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