open enrollment

Calculating “The School District Premium” (or Discount, as the Case May Be)

Effect on Property Values More Complicated Than You’d Guess So, how big a premium do homes in stellar school districts fetch? Conversely, how much of a discount is baked into the price of homes in poorly regarded school districts? Two Sides of Same Coin Step #1 is to realize that one size doesn’t fit all — that...
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Counting on Open Enrolling? Not . . So . . . Fast

Property Premiums — and Discounts It’s certainly a logical strategy:  buy a discounted home just outside a stellar school district, then open enroll your child(ren).  The hitch? Actually, there are three: One.  Most districts determine open enrollment on a year-to-year, school-by-school basis. So, an elementary school in a particular school district might have openings, the...
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Coming: Not So Open Enrollment?

The Hopkins – Edina School District Tug of War Edina was the first school district in the Twin Cities that I’m aware of to put the brakes on open enrollment, the policy of allowing students outside a district to matriculate. Now, it appears that multiple other local school districts are following suit. Background State school districts...
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From Open Enrollment to . . . Closed?

Is Beverly Hills a Harbinger for Minnesota? Once upon a time, parents sought out neighborhoods with good schools, low crime, and amenities like parks, nearby shopping, etc. All those things still count, but with the advent of “open enrollment,” which allows families to effectively choose their (public) school district, the “good schools” criterion mattered ....
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