January 13, 2010

The Re-List Stigma

“Re-hash” . . . “Re-Tread” . . . “Re-List” “Re-hash.” “Re-tread.” “Rehabilitate.” Detect a theme? Namely, the association with old and/or damaged goods. So, too, prospective Buyers tend to look at re-listed homes with one (or two) raised eyebrows. Even if the only stumbling block the last time around was a too-high asking price —...
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From Open Enrollment to . . . Closed?

Is Beverly Hills a Harbinger for Minnesota? Once upon a time, parents sought out neighborhoods with good schools, low crime, and amenities like parks, nearby shopping, etc. All those things still count, but with the advent of “open enrollment,” which allows families to effectively choose their (public) school district, the “good schools” criterion mattered ....
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