nosy neighbor

Pssst!! Guess Who (Else) Knows If That Kitchen Remodel Was High-End or Not

Nosy Neighbors, Take #14 Long before the Buyer’s home inspector lays eyes on it, or the Buyer’s title company checks for closed permits, wanna guess who (else) knows whether the Seller’s recent Kitchen Remodel is high-end? (or not, as the case may be). The neighbors. In the course of the months-long project, it’s a good...
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Serious Buyers, Nosy Neighbors, or Other Agents? Making Sense of “Saved Searches”

Are the Numbers Padded? One of the statistics available to Edina Realty agents (and their clients) is how many people have saved a specific listing on EdinaRealty.com, the Twin Cities’ most popular real estate site. Especially when a home isn’t selling (or even getting showings), more than 6-8 saved searches is encouraging, and can indicate potential...
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Pre-List Buyer Interest: How Real?

High Washout Factor “Writing a check separates a commitment from a conversation.” –Warren Buffett One of the things good listing agents do is keep track of anyone the homeowner’s already aware of, who’s expressed interest in buying their home. Even if such prospects ultimately decide not to do anything, the more early interest in the home,...
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The 90 Minute Open House

Open House Hits — and Duds Most agents I know — myself included — are moving from a two hour to a ninety minute open house. Here’s why: –You can do a “double-header” (back-to-back open houses) more easily that way.  In fact, the preferred time slots are 12:30 p.m – 2 p.m. and 2:30 p.m....
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Why I Like Neighbors — Reason #37

“Nosy Neighbor?” Try, Best Ally At least to some Realtors, neighbors are time-wasters and tire kickers. They come through open houses not to buy, but to see how their Kitchen compares with their neighbor’s, to get interior decorating ideas, or to see what their own home is likely worth. All (occasionally) true, but neighbors can...
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Marketing to Neighbors

Open Houses and “Nosy Neighbors” When I hold Sunday open houses, one of my top, target audiences — at least the first weekend — are the neighbors. Not because a neighbor is likely to buy the home, but because they might know someone who will. Sometimes, an especially motivated neighbor will even recruit a Buyer....
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