February 8, 2012

Pre-List Buyer Interest: How Real?

High Washout Factor “Writing a check separates a commitment from a conversation.” –Warren Buffett One of the things good listing agents do is keep track of anyone the homeowner’s already aware of, who’s expressed interest in buying their home. Even if such prospects ultimately decide not to do anything, the more early interest in the home,...
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Crash of ’08 Reading (& Watching) List

Unabridged and Cliff’s Notes People who know my background and views frequently ask me what I recommend to someone who wants to learn more about “the current (financial) unpleasantness.” Besides this blog, that is.  🙂 My response:  “how much time do you have?” From most-to-least time-consuming, here are my recommendations. A weekend:  Michael Lewis’ fabulous...
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That Sure is a Lot of Exclamation Marks!!!

What Passes For Hyperbole Large Home in FANTASTIC Neighborhood! LOCATION!!!! Great 2 Story Home ALL 4 Bdr. upper Level! Lot Line boarders gorgeous park!! –Agent Remarks, MLS Is using lots(!!) of exclamation marks and EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF LOUD TYPE good marketing?!? You tell me. . . . P.S.:  “bordering” a park is a good thing. ...
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Blog Comments: Genuine vs. Self-Promoting Spam

Master of My Own Domain “I am so very happy to read your blog. I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing your idea. Keep up the good work.” –Bob at For any Seinfeld fans reading this blog, I don’t mean that the way they meant it. I mean, I’m literally the master of...
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