Year-End Donation Idea for Home Sellers — and Home Keepers

Banks for Money, Food, Blood . . . & Furniture I was familiar with the term “food bank,” but — until I spoke to a salesperson at a local furniture store this weekend — had never heard the term “furniture bank.” That’s where local non-profit Bridging comes in. Bridging will pick up used furniture in...
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Former Yale President Richard Levin’s $8.5 Million Smile

Not Biting the Hand That Feeds Them: Academe’s Deafening Silence on Runaway Pay “Yale President Richard Levin could have been in investment banking, he could have been in venture capital, he could have run a corporation. Obviously, if he’d gone into other fields, the compensation would be orders of magnitude greater.” –John Pepper, Yale compensation committee;...
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Does Amazon Violate U.S. Antitrust Law?

The World’s Biggest Non-Profit (or is that, “No-Profit For-Profit?) “Pred·a·to·ry pric·ing” (noun):  pricing of goods or services at such a low level that other suppliers cannot compete and are forced to leave the market. –Wikipedia “Meager as Amazon’s 2013 profits were, they represented a small improvement from 2012, when it actually lost money. Even with the...
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Coming Soon: Year-Round Pro Football?

Coping With “NFL Withdrawal”:  T-Minus 22 Weeks Until Next Season “NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has set a goal to push annual revenues to $25 billion by 2027.” –ESPN If you want to triple revenues as Goodell aims to do, there are really only four strategies: 1. Sell more tickets (by adding franchises, building bigger stadiums, etc.);...
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“Can I Donate My Underwater House to a Non-Profit (i.e., Charity)?”

That’s the question I fielded the other week from a client on behalf of their friend, who was leaving town imminently, and was (deeply) underwater on their North Minneapolis home. The short answer:  ‘no.’ The more detailed answer:  “no, for about 18 different reasons,” starting with the fact that what the underwater homeowner is essentially “donating” is a...
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“Would You Like to Donate Your Change to Starving Orphans?”

Checkout Line Charity What kind of monster would answer the question — posed publicly at a checkout line in front of (many) other customers– “would you like to donate your change to starving orphans (or some such)?” with a callous “No, thanks.” Me. I can think of (at least) three reasons why. One.  It’s manipulative (see above),...
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