August 21, 2011

NYC Dispatches, Cont.

From the Mouths of Babes [Editor’s Note:  my blog posts the past week have more been more intermittent — and spiced with NY anecdotes — because I just returned from there.  Memo to self:  put away the sharp elbows and aggressive driving (adaptive in NY, but out-of-place in the more congenial, laid-back Midwest.] Compiling an exhaustive list...
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Reason #23 to Do Open Houses

Showing Owners You’re Hustling For Them I know many agents who swear by doing Sunday open houses. They claim to pick up new clients that way, and — at least occasionally — actually find a Buyer for the house they’re holding open. While there are ample reasons to do Broker open houses (see, “Open House...
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Storing Up For Winter

“Banking” Warm Weather With the days perceptibly shortening and the weather cooling, humans and animals alike are busy storing up for winter. So, squirrels turn their attention to gathering acorns and other food. What do people store? Time outside. Practically every Minnesotan I know who’s free today is doing something outside, enjoying the beautiful (and...
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“Would You Like to Donate Your Change to Starving Orphans?”

Checkout Line Charity What kind of monster would answer the question — posed publicly at a checkout line in front of (many) other customers– “would you like to donate your change to starving orphans (or some such)?” with a callous “No, thanks.” Me. I can think of (at least) three reasons why. One.  It’s manipulative (see above),...
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