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“Hmm, I Wonder Where Minneapolis’ “FIDO” Neighborhood is . .. “

“West of FIrst Avenue DOwntown” “Twin Cities Apartment Developers Offer Amenities for Fido.” —Star Tribune (2/7/14) Manhattan has Soho — short for, “SOuth of HOuston Street” (not to mention Tribeca, Nolita, etc.). There’s the “Dumbo” neighborhood in Brooklyn (“DOwn Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”). Even Denver has a hip, “truncated/acronym” neighborhood:  “LoDo,” short for LOwer DOwntown....
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Bye, Bye, MLS Areas!

Searching By Neighborhood Names No, the map (at right) isn’t some sort of alternate zip code for Hennepin County. Actually, come to think of it . . . it is. For Realtors. Unbeknownst to (most of) the public, the Twin Cities Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) database splits the metro and outlying areas into 139 districts....
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No More "No Name" Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Name as “Brand” Once upon a time, people lived in St. Paul, or Minneapolis, or St. Louis Park. Now, they live in Fern Hill, Birchwood, or Sorenson (all neighborhoods in St. Louis Park). Overall, as Martha Stewart would say, “that’s a good thing.” Especially if the neighborhood name isn’t just marketing, but reflects an...
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