April 29, 2010

Housing Market "Beached Whales"

What’s Wrong With This Picture? You don’t know who’s swimming naked until the tide runs out. –Warren Buffett So, what’s wrong with this Minnetonka home (pictured above)? That is, besides that fact that the front (and most important) photo on MLS looks like the home is stuck in a winter time warp, and it’s now...
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Hole in My Resume

Vacancy on Minneapolis Zoning Board of Adjustment As resumes go, mine’s on the long side: Realtor. Former corporate attorney. Former CPA. Entrepreneur. Writer/blogger. Investor. Political candidate. Law school and economics background. You get the idea. But it turns out there’s a hole in my resume — at least at far as the Minneapolis Zoning Board...
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No More "No Name" Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Name as “Brand” Once upon a time, people lived in St. Paul, or Minneapolis, or St. Louis Park. Now, they live in Fern Hill, Birchwood, or Sorenson (all neighborhoods in St. Louis Park). Overall, as Martha Stewart would say, “that’s a good thing.” Especially if the neighborhood name isn’t just marketing, but reflects an...
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