A Rose By Any Other Name??

Real Estate Names With — and Without — Cachet Where would you rather pop for a $2 million home: a town named “Seabreeze” — or one named “Lump?” Or ponder this one: Which list of city names, “A” or “B,” is more suggestive of affluence and status? List A: Sag Harbor; Huntington Beach; Boca Raton...
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No More "No Name" Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Name as “Brand” Once upon a time, people lived in St. Paul, or Minneapolis, or St. Louis Park. Now, they live in Fern Hill, Birchwood, or Sorenson (all neighborhoods in St. Louis Park). Overall, as Martha Stewart would say, “that’s a good thing.” Especially if the neighborhood name isn’t just marketing, but reflects an...
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