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MLS Trends in One Word: “More”

Risk:  More BAD Photos & Marketing Verbiage First, last Summer, the amount of space allotted for “Agent” and “Public Remarks” on MLS effectively doubled (from 256 characters and spaces to 500). Last week, the number of pictures allowed on MLS jumped from 16 to 24 — and the resolution went up, too! Best Foot Feet Forward...
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“New and Improved”: More Room to Market on MLS!

Too Much of a Good Thing? Imagine Tweets suddenly going from 140 characters and spaces to  . . . more than triple that. That’s sort of what happened on MLS last week. Since at least . . . uhh, forever, the amount of space allocated to “Agent” and “Public Remarks”  was 155 characters. Now? Five hundred....
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