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“Saved” MLS Searches: How Significant?

Lies, Damn Lies, and Realtor Statistics What’s the best way to tell if a “saved” MLS search is in fact a prospective home Buyer, who’s watching the property in the hopes that the price drops? Reduce the price. If the price reduction triggers a wave of showings (and ideally, offers!) . . . the “saved” MLS searches...
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“You Know Pickup Trucks Are Getting Super-Sized When . . . “

Deal Breaker?  “You ‘Betcha!” “Garage Door Height” is a relatively new field on MLS — my recollection is that it only goes back 2-3 years. Frankly, I’d always been puzzled why anyone cared. “NOW I Get it” Not anymore. Combine the “super-sizing” of pickup trucks the last few years; older housing stock (typically, in Minneapolis, St....
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Misleading Exterior Shots — Exhibit A

Broken Clocks & Out-of-Season MLS Photos* Quick!  Test your knowledge of residential real estate and guess how big the Minnetonka home pictured above is: A. 1,200 finished square feet (“FSF”); B. 1,656 FSF; C. 2,370 FSF; D. 5,849 FSF.** Answer:  “D.” (believe it or not, at least according to MLS). When the curb appeal is...
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Misleading “Days on Market”

Ten Days on the Market?  Or One?!? The housing market this Spring — at least for some kinds of homes, in some Twin Cities neighborhoods — is even hotter and faster than most people realize. That’s because a key MLS statistic that purports to track market time in fact significantly overstates how long a particular...
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