March 3, 2015

“How Much That Did That “Pending” House Sell For?”

Price as a Function of Market Time Assuming a “For Sale” home is well-prepped, priced and marketed, is there a way to know how much it sold for prior to closing, when the number will become public? That is, without finding out from the Buyer, the Seller, or their agents (who shouldn’t be sharing that...
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Misleading Exterior Shots — Exhibit A

Broken Clocks & Out-of-Season MLS Photos* Quick!  Test your knowledge of residential real estate and guess how big the Minnetonka home pictured above is: A. 1,200 finished square feet (“FSF”); B. 1,656 FSF; C. 2,370 FSF; D. 5,849 FSF.** Answer:  “D.” (believe it or not, at least according to MLS). When the curb appeal is...
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