August 7, 2018

TMI (“Too Much Information”) — Listing Agent Edition

“By popular request, the new NorthstarMLS default setting for ShowingTime overlapping appointments is to continue to allow them, but no longer reveal the appointment blocks/overlaps to the showing agent that other agents have scheduled.” –Notice to Twin Cities Realtors, NorthStar MLS (August 7, 2018). [Editor’s Note:  The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and...
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2018 Housing Market, Late Summer Snapshot

The Mindset of Buyers, Sellers, and Their Agents . . . in Three Words Want a 3-word summary of the current state of the housing market and people’s mindset? Here’s mine by category: Buyers: “Wary.”  Not all but many Buyers now are nervous about what they perceive to be elevated housing prices — and what comes next....
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“The Stuck Seller”: Psychological Barriers to Pricing Right

Home Seller Lament:  “But, I Got it (Full Price) Before!” One of the toughest pills for home Sellers to swallow is revisiting their asking price in the wake of a failed deal, especially if the deal was for full price (or more), early in the listing. That’s especially so when the deal later fell apart solely...
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“Saved” MLS Searches: How Significant?

Lies, Damn Lies, and Realtor Statistics What’s the best way to tell if a “saved” MLS search is in fact a prospective home Buyer, who’s watching the property in the hopes that the price drops? Reduce the price. If the price reduction triggers a wave of showings (and ideally, offers!) . . . the “saved” MLS searches...
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