November 4, 2017

6. “You’re My Anchor”: Compliment or Dis?

“Ball & Chain” vs. Source of Stability/Emotional Support A “contronym” is word that is its own antonym. Examples include the word “left” (“the gentlemen have left and the ladies are left”); and “off” (“to turn off,” but also “activate,” as in “the alarm went off”). So, what do you call a symbol — like an anchor —...
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“You Know Pickup Trucks Are Getting Super-Sized When . . . “

Deal Breaker?  “You ‘Betcha!” “Garage Door Height” is a relatively new field on MLS — my recollection is that it only goes back 2-3 years. Frankly, I’d always been puzzled why anyone cared. “NOW I Get it” Not anymore. Combine the “super-sizing” of pickup trucks the last few years; older housing stock (typically, in Minneapolis, St....
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Photo Confusion: “Which Bathroom Was THAT?!?”

Combine a bigger house (say, over 3,000 square feet) and 20 — or 50(!) — photos just emailed to you by your ace, professional photographer, and it’s not unusual for a Realtor just getting up-and-running on a new listing to be temporarily stumped by what they’re looking at. Like I was yesterday. Wrong Wall So, I recalled...
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