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Realtor Postcard: “Call or Text Me to Get Your Free July 2017 Report on Neighborhood Home Prices”

Fishing For Sellers, or, Not Offering Consumers What They Think They’re Being Offered No, the agent trolling for new business isn’t offering to tell homeowners (and presumably, prospective Sellers) what their home is worth. Depending on the property’s features, price point, and location, that can take an experienced agent a couple of hours. No, what...
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“Who (Else) is Watching the Listing?”

False Negatives and False Positives In a post earlier this month titled, “Who’s Watching the Listing?,” I talked about the utility — and lack thereof — of tracking how many times a particular property has been saved on MLS. Generally speaking, the more people watching a listing, the better; presumably, prospective Buyers like the home but not the price, and...
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"Cheaper Than a Car"*

Metro Homes Under $40k According to a quick search on MLS this morning, there are exactly 463 residential properties in Minneapolis and the West ‘burbs for sale for under $40k. To be sure, the majority are in rough condition, in tougher neighborhoods; the ones that aren’t, are typically condo’s. Small condo’s. But still. When even...
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Christmas Eve Sales

Stocking Stuffer Where: 48xx Portland Ave. South, in South Minneapolis When: went pending today (Christmas Eve) What: 5 BR/3 Bath stucco bungalow with over 2,200 square feet How (much): asking price – $209,900 Who: listed by Roman Dziuba, Minnesota Realty Every year, clients contemplating listing their homes around Holiday time ask about the wisdom of...
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