July 28, 2017

Eating Habits of Primates in the Wild vs. Captivity

Not-So-Subtle Clues Animal biologists who want to understand wild animals’ habitat and diet study their droppings (other names:  “scat,” “poop,” etc.). Fortunately, modern-day parents of teenage kids have an easier option:  examining their kids’ bedroom waste baskets (a very fringe benefit of being my household’s designated garbage collector). I did the other day ” and it wasn’t a pretty...
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Parsing Amazon’s Q2 2017 Results (Pssst! Don’t Bother Calculating the P/E Ratio)

Loss Forecast for Q3 Imagine a company that just reported quarterly sales of $38,000, of which a scant $197 was actual profit. Imagine further that the company went on to forecast that, while sales would continue to grow, its already skimpy quarterly profit would actually flip to a loss the next (current) quarter. You wouldn’t exactly...
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Realtor Postcard: “Call or Text Me to Get Your Free July 2017 Report on Neighborhood Home Prices”

Fishing For Sellers, or, Not Offering Consumers What They Think They’re Being Offered No, the agent trolling for new business isn’t offering to tell homeowners (and presumably, prospective Sellers) what their home is worth. Depending on the property’s features, price point, and location, that can take an experienced agent a couple of hours. No, what...
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