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So, Exactly WHERE is That Condo Located??

“A Picture Arrow is Worth 1,000 Words” Kudos to the listing agent whose red arrow helpfully shows the location — in the building — of the “for sale” condo just across the Mississippi River from Downtown Minneapolis. While only on the fourth floor, the arrow shows that the unit has unobstructed views of the River...
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Is it Really a 3-Car Garage??

1 Picture = 1,000 Words Not every garage billed as a three car garage on MLS comfortably accommodates three cars. Perhaps to dispel any Buyer skepticism, the listing agent included the photo above. Certainly looks like a 3-car garage to me ” with some extra overhead storage, to boot! See also, “That Garage is HOW...
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57 Photos on MLS, Only 14 Captions (Huh?!?)

Seeing Double — or Quadruple! With MLS now allowing unlimited online photos, some listing agents are going nuts, uploading literally 50, 60, or more photos per listing. While that might make sense for sprawling, upper bracket properties, how many different photos can you take of an average-sized — or small — property?? Question #2: How...
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The World’s Biggest Fridge? Maybe (Maybe Not)

Undermining Seller Credibility Either the Kitchen in the photo above has a walk-in, commercial-sized freezer. Or, something’s not quite right about the photo dimensions. Based on the other Kitchen photos accompanying the listing, the answer is option #2. Never Just One Cockroach So, what is the other reason not to use a wide-angle lens or...
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The End of MLS Captions (at least, for Upper Bracket Homes)

The “For Sale” Home With 82(!) Photos Once upon a time — like, seven years ago — the maximum number of photos on MLS was 10. Then the number was increased to 18, then to 24, and most recently to . . . no limit. The record (so far) for an individual listing since the...
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Max Number of Photos on MLS Now? “The Sky’s the Limit”

From 12 Photos to 16 to 24 to ???? Thankfully, the new listing sporting those 59(!) photos (see lower left corner of photo, above) is an upper bracket home — a Wayzata condo that just came on the market for $3.5 million, in fact — that can actually take advantage of the new, unlimited number of photos...
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