MLS mistake

Question: When is a 1.5 Story Not a 1.5 Story?

Answer:  When It’s Listed on MLS as a 2-Story I don’t come across it that often, but I do come across it:  a home listed on MLS that’s miscategorized for “Style.” Invariably, one of two things is going on:  1) an inexperienced agent didn’t know the difference; or 2) a very experienced knew exactly what...
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“Valuted LR”

“Is That Like a Gorjus FR?” If it were a smart phone app, I’d chalk it up as just one more esoteric, must-have(?) piece of software to add to my (long) list. However, when the term pops up on an MLS listing, I’m pretty sure the agent meant to say . . . “Vaulted Living Room.” 
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MLS Typo’s

“But the Floor Plan’s Open!” Foundation Size:   84 –new MLS listing (5/25/11) I’m pretty sure there are no homes with 84 square foot foundations out there — at least ones that don’t have wheels on them, or aren’t intended for dolls (if you don’t know square feet, 84′  is about the size of a large Dining Room...
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South Bryn Mawr Multiple Offers?

Blast from the Past In a sluggish market, the sale — just posted on MLS on Friday — caught my eye: a South Bryn Mawr Colonial listed for $424,900 sold for almost $50k above that. After two months on the market! That didn’t compute, for 3 reasons: 1) there’s a lot of inventory in Bryn...
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Classic FSBO Mistakes

FSBO Mistake #4: Not Proofing the Listing on MLS If you try to fix your own plumbing and screw it up, it might cost you, at most, a thousand bucks or so and a weekend of your time (for clean-up, calling plumbers, etc.) Ditto if you botch fixing your own car. However, if you try...
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