July 11, 2017

Seller Terms: “FHA Rehab 203k, Conventional, Conventional Rehab, Adj. Rate/Gr Payment, Cash”

MLS Shorthand for “Potential Tear-Down” Test your knowledge of today’s housing market, and field this question: How can you determine that a “For Sale” home on MLS is a potential tear-down? A.  The MLS photos show a home in decrepit condition — or, there are no photos. B. In the “Seller Terms” field on MLS,...
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“You Know You’re Spending Too Much Time at Work ” Realtor Version” (Part 2)

“Did You Hear? Sue Got That Plumb Job in Marketing!” I actually got into an argument recently with my 14 year-old about whether the adjective “plumb” was a dictionary-approved synonym for “choice,” “desired,” or “sought after.” The rub? None of the alternative meanings under “plumb” matched my definition. A few days later, I realized what...
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Question: When is a 1.5 Story Not a 1.5 Story?

Answer:  When It’s Listed on MLS as a 2-Story I don’t come across it that often, but I do come across it:  a home listed on MLS that’s miscategorized for “Style.” Invariably, one of two things is going on:  1) an inexperienced agent didn’t know the difference; or 2) a very experienced knew exactly what...
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