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That Déjà Vu Feeling About Kansas City Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Hmm . . . Where Have I Seen That Arm Before??” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” –Proverb Where does Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes get his rocket right arm? Minnesota Twins fans of a certain age (I qualify) know the answer: “from his old man.” Mahomes senior was a journeyman major league pitcher...
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Best Football Headlines, Take Two

Star Tribune Headline After Vikings’ Comeback Win: “Better Late Than Denver” “Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29” –Harvard Crimson headline (Nov. 23, 1968). Nothing comes close to the classic Harvard Crimson headline above (Harvard miraculously scored 16 points in the game’s final 42 seconds to tie arch rival Yale). But, kudos to hometown paper Star Tribune for...
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“Hey! What Are All These Vikings Fans Doing in New Orleans?!?”

That Déjà Vu Feeling 1,200 Miles From Home If you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans in the Fall (I visited with my daughter recently), it seems like you’re inexplicably surrounded by fellow Vikings fans. Lots and lots of Vikings fans. At least, that’s until you realize that the...
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Super Bowl Fever Arrives in Twin Cities

Purple Caps, Purple Jerseys, Purple Clipboards (Huh?!?) It’s hard to miss all the purple attire (the Minnesota Vikings’ team color) on display locally in advance of the NFC Championship game this Sunday in Philadelphia — and the Super Bowl here two weeks later. Still, I thought swapping out regular clipboards for purple ones at Park Nicollet (where...
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Should 2018 Minnesota Home Sellers List Before or After the Super Bowl?

Bracing for “Super Bowl Stupor” in the Twin Cities Especially if the Minnesota Vikings are in the Super Bowl — held in Minneapolis February 4 — it’s practically guaranteed that little else will happen here the week or so before (and if they should win, the week after!  🙂 ). Which begs the question: should...
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Hey! ‘Dem’s [Green Bay] Packers Colors!

I’m not much of football fan these days, but I do know that green and gold are the colors of the Green Bay Packers, nemesis and arch rival of the hometown Minnesota Vikings. Apparently, the folks doing the marketing for the Twin Cities Home Remodelers tour either weren’t concerned about the association (is it just me?), or...
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