October 21, 2019

“Hey! What Are All These Vikings Fans Doing in New Orleans?!?”

That Déjà Vu Feeling 1,200 Miles From Home If you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans in the Fall (I visited with my daughter recently), it seems like you’re inexplicably surrounded by fellow Vikings fans. Lots and lots of Vikings fans. At least, that’s until you realize that the...
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“You Mean the House ISN’T Haunted?!? I’m Suing!”

Man Bites Dog ” Real Estate Edition One of the odder anecdotes from a continuing ed class the other week was the hapless home seller who got sued not because their house was haunted ” but because it wasn’t. Apparently, the Seller had disclosed in their Minnesota Seller’s Disclosure that the home had experienced “paranormal...
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