February 7, 2021

That Déjà Vu Feeling About Kansas City Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Hmm . . . Where Have I Seen That Arm Before??” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” –Proverb Where does Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes get his rocket right arm? Minnesota Twins fans of a certain age (I qualify) know the answer: “from his old man.” Mahomes senior was a journeyman major league pitcher...
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“Wait a Second . . . WHICH Country Are We Talking About?!?”

Damaged Democracy [Note to readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway (“Berkshire”), or any other entity referenced. Edina Realty is a subsidiary of Berkshire.] The U.S. is ‘on the verge of explosion,’ the country’s religious leaders say. Many accuse the government of supporting...
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Hidden Benefit(s) of Home Warranties

  Not Just Peace of Mind The most obvious reason to buy a home warranty? To avoid an unexpected, budget-busting home repair — or several of them. In return for an annual premium ranging from $500 – $1,000 (depending on coverage and home features), most such policies cap homeowners’ out-of-pocket expense for repairs at $100...
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