Minneapolis Uptown

“The Only Game in (Up)Town”

Saturday Night at Sebastian Joe’s (For a Little While) Once upon a time, there used to be a couple spots for ice cream in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood. Now, it seems there’s just one:  Minneapolis quasi-institution Sebastian Joe’s, just west of Franklin and Hennepin (personal favorite:  “Nicollet Avenue Pothole”). Or, at least it seemed that way earlier tonight,...
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Uptown Condo Building Bites the Bullet (Finally)

Ad Hoc vs. Whole Building Approach For at least a couple years now, I’ve counseled my condo Buyers to be leery of a certain Lake Calhoun condo building. My concern(s)? That is, besides suspiciously low sale prices (often a giveaway):  I’d heard numerous stories about alleged problems (remember, I’m a former attorney) with the building’s...
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Probably Not a Good Idea to Combine “Old” & “Food”

“Old Chic” vs. “New Chic” Driving through Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood last night, I couldn’t help noticing the neon sign (above). Before you wrestle with the distinction between “old chic” and “new chic,” you should know that the establishment’s full name is “Old Chicago,” and it’s a restaurant.  🙂
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Developers Flock to Minneapolis’ Uptown

3 Very Big Holes in the Ground — For Now Yes, the real estate recovery is supposed to be gradual and halting, not roaring. But, tell that to developers active in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood. At the moment, I count not one but three major projects, all poised to lift off (up?) between now and Spring:...
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Quick! Guess the List Price

Question #2:  How Long Has it Been for Sale? Test your knowledge of the Twin Cities housing market, and guess how much this single family home just northeast of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood is listed for: A. $150,000 B. $237,500 C. $399,900 D. $1.1 million Answer:  “D.” (believe it or not) While the...
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“Dear Bigos Management”

Some Free Public Relations Advice To:  Bigos Management From:  Ross Kaplan, local Realtor and CIDNA homeowner Re:  Your proposed Lake Calhoun development Date: 4/21/2012 Dear Bigos: I’ve seen your company’s (very impressive) plans for 2622 West Lake Street, and share your enthusiasm for building on one of the Twin Cities’ choicest and best-located undeveloped parcels. Such an...
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