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Cement Mixers (Almost) as Far as the Eye Can See

How big is Doran Companies’ new residential development, “Parkway 25,” just west of the St. Louis Park – Minneapolis border off Highway 7? Big enough that cement mixers pouring the foundation were lined up at least 10 deep earlier this a.m. Judging from the on-site crane and marketing billboard in front, the finished product looks to...
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A Touch of Miami in Minneapolis

New On the Minneapolis Skyline:  1369 Spruce Place  I don’t handle luxury rentals — only sales — so my interest in the building is strictly non-professional. But, as a Minneapolitan who likes exciting, even edgy architecture, Magellan Group’s new, 36 story tower on the south end of downtown Minneapolis is certainly a welcome addition. Its...
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Greenway Gold(mine)?

It’s premature to call it a “corridor.” But it’s not too soon to note that there’s a mini-building boom in progress along the Midtown Greenway, in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood. The heaviest concentration is clustered on the north side of the Greenway, between Bryant and Lyndale. However, one mile west, about 3 blocks northwest of Lake...
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Developers Flock to Minneapolis’ Uptown

3 Very Big Holes in the Ground — For Now Yes, the real estate recovery is supposed to be gradual and halting, not roaring. But, tell that to developers active in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood. At the moment, I count not one but three major projects, all poised to lift off (up?) between now and Spring:...
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St. Louis Park Population: Going . . . UP?

Condo/Rental Building Boom Increasing City’s Density Since, I dunno . . . forever, the population of St. Louis Park, a first-ring Minneapolis suburb, has hovered around 50,000. Might that be about to change? Slow-Motion Building Boom Judging by all the high-density (for Minnesota) residential development — much of it for seniors — I’d say “yes.”...
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Real Estate Term Du Jour: “Luxury Rental”

Define, “Luxury“ Is everything now a “luxury rental?” Put it this way:  driving around the Twin Cities, I haven’t seen many billboards trumpeting “spartan rentals” lately. So, are they?  (Luxury, that is?) It’s sort of like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s line about pornography (“I can’t define it . .  but I know it when I...
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