November 30, 2012

$200k Off in Fern Hill

Late Fall Buying Opportunities, or, “Perils of Overpricing” This Cape Cod-style 1 1/2 story in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood originally came on the market almost six months ago, at $539,900. Now? The price just dropped again (yesterday) to $329,900 — down over $200k(!) from June, and a substantial discount from the tax assessed value...
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More Housing Market “Vital Signs”

Key Statistics — and Vacant Sites — To Watch When the economy comes back, where will Twin Cities developers pick up?  Most likely, where they left off when the recession and downturn arrived. –Ross Kaplan, “Bare Ground — For Now“; City Lakes Real Estate Blog (2/9/2010) In a post earlier this month titled, “Halftime at...
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St. Louis Park Population: Going . . . UP?

Condo/Rental Building Boom Increasing City’s Density Since, I dunno . . . forever, the population of St. Louis Park, a first-ring Minneapolis suburb, has hovered around 50,000. Might that be about to change? Slow-Motion Building Boom Judging by all the high-density (for Minnesota) residential development — much of it for seniors — I’d say “yes.”...
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