Passed Across the Closing Table: Keys, Garage Door Openers, Bike Chains (Bike Chains??)

Agent-to-Agent Closing Courtesy While the Seller is busy passing house keys, garage door openers, etc. to the Buyer at closing, guess what the Buyer’s agent often gives the listing agent (representing the Seller)? No, the correct answer isn’t, “a flask of whiskey”. Rather, it’s the listing agent’s lockbox. As a courtesy, Buyers’ agents will often...
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Why It’s a Good Idea for the Realtor to Show Up Five Minutes Early for a Showing

Three Steps — Then, in Reverse I don’t recall ever being confronted with 3(!) deadbolt locks before ” the case at an Edina duplex I showed recently. Figuring out which one worked is just one of the challenges that Buyers’ agents face.** First, they need to pop open the lockbox that contains all those keys....
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Why It’s Smart for the Buyer’s Agent to Get to the Showing Early

Realtor Rule #1: “Know Your Client.” Rule #2: “Know the Property You’re Selling” (or at least, how to get in) Test your knowledge of real estate sales, and answer the following question: Why is it smart for the Realtor representing the Buyer to get to a showing early? A. It allows extra time for the...
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(Too High?) Noise-to-Signal Ratio: the Downside of Pre-List Networking (at Least for Buyers’ Agents)

Two Minutes vs. Two Hours to Set Up Showings Here’s how a Buyer’s agent — at least in the Twin Cities — gets their client into an MLS-listed home: step #1:  logon to MLS. step #2:  enter the home’s address to find listing, then . . . . step #3:  use online form to request showing (typically one...
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Cumbersome Showing Instructions, Exhibit A

What, No Security Alarm? “Code to enter the building is *76521. The lockbox is located in the dry cleaning closet which is to your left once you enter the lobby. The code to the closet is 3149#. The lockbox is marked. The code is 8147.” –Excerpt, MLS showing instructions If you’re a Buyer’s agent planning...
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Showing Instructions: the Good, the Bad, and the (Very) Ugly

“KISS” (Keep it Simple, Stupid) — Realtor Version “Lockbox is on rail to left of side door (north), combo is “LMZ.”  Use large key to open deadbolt (turn to left); then use small key to unlock knob lock (sticky, may have to jiggle).  Alarm in laundry room down hall, then left; code is 49827 (press...
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