January 7, 2020

Passed Across the Closing Table: Keys, Garage Door Openers, Bike Chains (Bike Chains??)

Agent-to-Agent Closing Courtesy While the Seller is busy passing house keys, garage door openers, etc. to the Buyer at closing, guess what the Buyer’s agent often gives the listing agent (representing the Seller)? No, the correct answer isn’t, “a flask of whiskey”. Rather, it’s the listing agent’s lockbox. As a courtesy, Buyers’ agents will often...
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Proper (& Improper) Purposes of Realtor Previews

Why “Just Previewing” (Usually) Serves Sellers’ Interests A Realtor showing is when a Realtor takes their client ” a prospective Buyer (or one would certainly hope!) ” through a “For Sale” home. No competing Sunday open house traffic, no busybody listing agent (representing the owner) present, and ” perhaps most importantly ” no owner around. The convention is to...
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