Lake Minnetonka

The Twin Cities’ Most Expensive “For Sale” Condos

“Top 10” Luxury Condo Listings:  Minneapolis, Wayzata Tie (5 Apiece) No, the Twin Cities doesn’t have anything rivaling the four-story, 24,000 square foot condo at 220 Central Park South, just purchased by Citadel’s Ken Griffin. On the other hand, the most expensive condo currently for sale in the Twin Cities won’t set you back $238 million(!),...
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Versailles-in-Edina? Not Exactly

How Many Square Feet is THAT?!? At first blush, the home pictured above looks like it has something like 30,000 finished square feet, not the relatively puny 4,400 FSF listed on MLS — and is worth A LOT more than the $2.15M asking price (even in the affordable Midwest, genuinely palatial digs cost more than that). Looking more closely,...
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Now, THAT’S a Library

Where: 5550 Clinton Ave. in South Minneapolis, just northwest of Diamond Lake. What: renovated 1885 Victorian with 4 BR/4 BA and 4,500 FSF. How much:  $1.1 million. When: on market May 9. Who:  listed by Edina Realty’s Daren Jensen. You might expect to find a library like the one pictured above in a Lowry Hill mansion,...
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“Real Housewives of the Twin Cities”

Guilty Pleasures First, a disclaimer:  the reason I picked up a newsstand copy of “The Real Housewives of the Twin Cities” — the July issue of Mpls – St. Paul magazine — wasn’t to find out who the five women were, where they shop, or eavesdrop on any juicy gossip, titillating personal details, etc. No,...
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"Calhoun Lake??" Is that by Isles Lake?

Neighborhood Expertise — and Lack Thereof Want a sure sign that a Realtor doesn’t sell much by the City Lakes? They refer to “Lake Calhoun” as “Calhoun Lake” in their marketing materials. Fish (er, Realtor) Out of Water It may be forgivable to confuse Forest Lake (the city 40 miles north of the Twin Cities)...
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A Rose By Any Other Name??

Real Estate Names With — and Without — Cachet Where would you rather pop for a $2 million home: a town named “Seabreeze” — or one named “Lump?” Or ponder this one: Which list of city names, “A” or “B,” is more suggestive of affluence and status? List A: Sag Harbor; Huntington Beach; Boca Raton...
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