Jon Stewart

Trial Balloon: Jon Stewart for U.S. Senate

TV Ratings Bonanza While Jon Stewart mulls his post-Daily Show career options, here’s a brainstorm: Want to inject some excitement into 2016 national politics? Find a way to energize apathetic, notoriously low-turnout Millennials and actually get them to the polls? Run a candidate who speaks to them (and not a few Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers,...
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“The Age of Insecurity”: Germs, Hackers, Terrorists . . & [White] House Intruders

Jon Stewart:  “We’re All Going to Die!!” Want a connecting thread running through the news lately (assuming you’re still watching/listening)? Be afraid. Very afraid. “No News is Good News,” Updated Whether it’s your bank account, your home, or even your person (“did that man on the plane look sick??”) — the mainstream media (“MSM”) message...
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Warren Buffett Channels Thomas Wolfe

Investment Bankers as “Crumb Catchers” So, I’m not the only one who well remembers one of the best books about Wall Street (and best contemporary American novels, period):  Thomas Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities” (1987). Set in late 1980’s Manhattan, it chronicles life as a “master of the universe” through the prism of one Sherman...
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Smart U.S. Energy Policy? Hell, NO Policy Would Be An Improvement

Perverse Incentives  See that bum on the sidewalk?  He’s worth $500 million more than I am.  I owe $500 million — and he’s just broke. –Donald Trump, in less heady times The first rule of holes:  when you’re in one — stop digging. –Thomas L. Friedman What prompts the above anecdotes isn’t the lack of a coherent, intelligent...
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Finally, Something “Made in America”

I know virtually nothing about Egyptian politics, culture or where that country goes from here. But that certainly hasn’t stopped legions of similarly ignorant bloggers from weighing in with their 2 cents. So, here’s mine, direct from Jon Stewart and last night’s “Daily Show“:  1) it’s probably not a very good idea for the Egyptian military...
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2010 Person of the Year: Jon Stewart

The New “Most Trusted Man in America??” Yeah, yeah, I know who Julian Assange is, and about WikiLeaks. And I’m aware that Time magazine chose Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as its “Person of the Year” — if not a “jump the shark” moment, then awfully close. But my candidate for “Person of the Year” is...
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