TV Ratings Bonanza

While Jon Stewart mulls his post-Daily Show career options, here’s a brainstorm:

Want to inject some excitement into 2016 national politics?

trial_balloonFind a way to energize apathetic, notoriously low-turnout Millennials and actually get them to the polls?

Run a candidate who speaks to them (and not a few Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, etc. — including this one).

Draft Jon Stewart to run for office.


Stewart is at least as qualified as Minnesota’s junior Senator, Al Franken, who also had an unusual “entertainment” background — not to mention a certain former candidate for California Governor and ultimately two-term President who used to be a “B” movie actor (need a clue?  he starred in “Bedtime for Bonzo”).

Even if you don’t agree with Stewart’s presumably liberal politics, any race with him in it would be electrifying — and entertaining(!) — to watch.

See, “2010 Person of the Year:  Jon Stewart.”

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