Jay Leno

20(!) Car Garage (House Included)

“Would You Like Some Fries With That Ketchup?” — Housing Edition $1.5M Mediterranean villa on the Mississippi is car lover’s dream home. —Star Tribune (June 25, 2018). It turns out that a five-car garage — like the one featured in today’s Star Tribune — is hardly the Twin Cities’ biggest. Perusing MLS transactions the last 3...
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Realtors Living With Their Parents

Zipping through my backlog of taped “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” shows the other night, I caught this exchange between Leno and an audience member: Leno:  What do you do for a living? Young woman:  I’m a Realtor. Leno:  So, how do you like living with your parents?  (big laugh). Are there some starving Realtors...
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“OK, So Maybe It’s a LITTLE About the Money”

Mixed Messages Jay Leno has a regular bit, called “Headlines,” where he pokes fun at especially lame groaners and slip-up’s. In that spirit, I offer: “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent:  It’s Not About the Money, It’s About Being the Best You Can Be.” Here’s a tip to the author:  if it’s really “not about the money”...
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