inventory shortage

On the Market in April. Desired Closing Date: September (Huh?!?)

Striking While the Iron Housing Market is Hot “Seller would like to close in early-mid September.” –MLS Agent Remarks, 9228 Decatur Ave. in Bloomington. The normal lag time from consummated Purchase Agreement to closing is six to eight weeks — faster if the home is vacant, the Buyer is paying cash, or both parties are...
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Tighter Housing Market = More Forgiving Market?

Seller Dilemma:  List This Fall, or Wait Till Next Spring “Beggars Home Buyers in Seller’s markets can’t be choosers.” –Proverb (slightly altered). One of the discussions agents are having with their clients, post-Labor Day, is whether to put their home on the market this Fall, or wait till next Spring. Arguing in favor of the...
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The Mystery of the Missing Housing Inventory

Addicted to (Spoiled By?) Ultra-Low Interest Rates Two years ago, when the shortage of housing inventory in the Twin Cities first became apparent, the leading theory was that underwater homeowners literally couldn’t afford to sell.* Now that local housing prices have rebounded significantly, that theory . . . umm, holds less water. With current Twin Cities housing inventory the...
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Un-shooting the Messenger 2 Years Later, or, Not Lying to Get Listings

Housing Market, 2011 vs. 2013 I’m sure I’m not the only veteran Twin Cities Realtor who lost — at least temporarily — a prospective Seller sometime in the last 18-24 months relaying unwelcome housing market news. When I delivered the shocking — but accurate — information about prevailing prices at the time, the reaction I...
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