January 19, 2013

Un-shooting the Messenger 2 Years Later, or, Not Lying to Get Listings

Housing Market, 2011 vs. 2013 I’m sure I’m not the only veteran Twin Cities Realtor who lost — at least temporarily — a prospective Seller sometime in the last 18-24 months relaying unwelcome housing market news. When I delivered the shocking — but accurate — information about prevailing prices at the time, the reaction I...
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Boeing Beta Test

Passengers as Guinea Pigs?? “Regulators Around the Globe Ground Boeing 787’s” —headline, NY Times (1/16/2013) Certain software makers (rhymes with schmicro-soft) are famous for releasing products that are “not-ready-for-prime time.” So, too, it would appear that Boeing’s new jet, the 787 “Dreamliner,” was put into service before all the kinks were worked out. I don’t...
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“More ‘Bar’ Than ‘Mitzvah'”

[As in, “Open Bar”] That was the word I got from a relative — OK, my Mom — who attended a ritzy Los Angeles bar mitzvah last weekend. Apparently, the proceedings were more focused on the after-party (and drinking) than on the religious rituals traditionally associated with a 13 year-old Jewish boy “coming of age.”...
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