April 11, 2019

On the Market in April. Desired Closing Date: September (Huh?!?)

Striking While the Iron Housing Market is Hot “Seller would like to close in early-mid September.” –MLS Agent Remarks, 9228 Decatur Ave. in Bloomington. The normal lag time from consummated Purchase Agreement to closing is six to eight weeks — faster if the home is vacant, the Buyer is paying cash, or both parties are...
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Is That Something Moving in the Edina Realty Parking Lot After Dark? Oh, Dear! (Actually, “Oh, Deer!”)

Looking For a Realtor?? If I’d been quicker on the (iPhone camera) draw, I would have gotten a photo of not one but at least three deer I saw nonchalantly walking through the Edina Realty – City Lakes parking lot the other night. Credit the abundance of local wildlife — btw, not always welcome, starting...
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No Fluke! Twin Cities Hit By Consecutive April Blizzards

Snow Day Winners & Losers Who benefits from an April blizzard — the 2nd to hit the Twin Cities in two years? That’s easy: all the school kids who get to sleep in today (I’ve got two upstairs now). So, who are the losers? That would be their parents, who have to scramble to arrange...
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