Snow Day Winners & Losers

Who benefits from an April blizzard — the 2nd to hit the Twin Cities in two years?

That’s easy: all the school kids who get to sleep in today (I’ve got two upstairs now).

So, who are the losers?

That would be their parents, who have to scramble to arrange coverage (at least for younger kids) — that is, unless their workplace is closed and they’re home, too (as far as I know, most Twin Cities businesses are open today).

“Welcome to Minnesota!” (If you can get here – or leave)

Unfortunately, another loser would be Carleton College in nearby Northfield, MN, whose “Accepted Student Days” — for the second year in a row — coincided with a blizzard.

When my then-high school senior and I attended last April, half the families visiting from out-of-town got stranded for much of the weekend when the airport closed.

Fortunately, the school holds two such events each April, one week apart . . .

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