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Real Estate Sales Law #1: “Unmotivated Stagers Make Unmotivated Sellers”

Staging Malfunctions, or, Seller Cold Feet Call it the real estate equivalent of a “wardrobe malfunction”: the staging appointment, made weeks (or months) earlier, finally arrives, and . . . the client just can’t go through with it. That just happened this week to a stager I regularly work with. Unfortunately, she had been planning...
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Staged Gutter Extensions (Why Not?)

Gutter Extension Camouflage People usually associate “staging” with the inside of a home. Before: conspicuously white. But, when it comes to selling a house, few things matter more than curb appeal, and a key ingredient of curb appeal is landscaping ” specifically, in front of the home. Ergo, the advice my stager gave to a...
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Summer’s Here (Really!!)

A/C, Ducts, and Dampers Scarcely six weeks after a 3-day blizzard, 17″ of snow, and single-digit wind chill . . . it’s officially Summer in the Twin Cities! And how:  temps locally thru Memorial Day are forecast to breach 90º, with humidity levels more typical of August. Given that blast of heat, area homeowners can be...
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“Realtor Standby” vs. “Airline Standby”

Stand·by Ëˆstan(d)ËŒbÄ«/ noun. Readiness for duty or immediate deployment; for example, “Buses were placed on standby for the trip to Washington.”  The state of waiting to secure an unreserved place for a journey or performance, allocated on the basis of earliest availability. “Standby” for travelers, military, etc. means waiting in an elevated state of preparedness for something...
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How Listings are Like Icebergs

Above vs. Below the Water Prep I just finished speaking to another agent regarding a Minnetonka pre-list, that’s due to come on the market later this week (I’ve got a Buyer client who has strong interest). Based on everything the other agent told me, the home is:  a) (very) well-priced; b) shows great; and c) as...
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Prepping For Sale: What to Spend $$$ On — and What NOT To

Criterion:  “Context, Context, Context” (and Consistency) One of the biggest decisions would-be Sellers have to make — besides choosing a Realtor and a list price  🙂 — involves what to spend money on getting their home ready for sale . . . and what not to. The trick to making that decision is applying the right criteria....
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