October 14, 2017

Missed Comma = Miscommunication

“No Painter Lined Up” vs. “No, Painter Lined Up” If you’re sensitive to how easy it is to miscommunicate, you’ll take steps to minimize it happening. Exhibit A:  the text (above) between my stager and I about an upcoming listing, and whether or not my client needed a painter (they didn’t). The biggest takeaway for...
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“Realtor Standby” vs. “Airline Standby”

Stand·by Ëˆstan(d)ËŒbÄ«/ noun. Readiness for duty or immediate deployment; for example, “Buses were placed on standby for the trip to Washington.”  The state of waiting to secure an unreserved place for a journey or performance, allocated on the basis of earliest availability. “Standby” for travelers, military, etc. means waiting in an elevated state of preparedness for something...
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