May 24, 2018

Summer’s Here (Really!!)

A/C, Ducts, and Dampers Scarcely six weeks after a 3-day blizzard, 17″ of snow, and single-digit wind chill . . . it’s officially Summer in the Twin Cities! And how:  temps locally thru Memorial Day are forecast to breach 90º, with humidity levels more typical of August. Given that blast of heat, area homeowners can be...
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Dress Code for Home Closings**

Realtor-Client Double Standard There are really only two rules when it comes to proper attire for a home closing:  1) the Realtors and other professionals (closers and lender) should wear formal business attire (sorry, no “business casual”); 2) clients can wear whatever they want. Which I guess means there’s only one rule. For men, at least,...
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