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The Virtues of Living Across From a Cemetery (Really!)

“Okay so, yes, it is across from a cemetery, BUT there’s nary a gravestone in site. It’s more like living across from a VERY QUIET park. In fact, it makes the views quiet uniquely tranquil for a city home. It also means there will never be neighbors across the street, which means there’s less of...
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It’s All in the Punctuation(?)

“A” for Honesty freeze damage to plumbing and boiler heat systems! –excerpt, new MLS listing Normally, you associate exclamation marks in real estate marketing with superlatives.  Such as: “Gorgeous new Kitchen!” “Amazing lot and setting!” “Beautiful built-in’s and mill work!” So, “freeze damage to plumbing and boiler heat systems!” comes across as a bit  ....
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