Holman Jenkins

The Cockamamie Case FOR Insider Trading

“Victimless” Insider Trading?  Really, Mr. Jenkins?? It’s hard to take seriously Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins’ latest broadside against prosecuting insider trading when it contains whoppers like this one: “Whoever was a buyer when SAC Capital was selling would have been a buyer anyway, whether SAC’s motive in selling was inside information or the maundering of...
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WSJ’s Holman Jenkins: ‘Goldman Sachs is “Intelligently Self-Interested”‘

Ahhh, So THAT’s What They Are If you’re joining the story “already in progress,” as it were, here’s what you missed: Goldman Sachs exec Greg Smith — heretofore officially referred to by Goldman defenders as “‘junior’ Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith,” “peon” Greg Smith, or the like — resigned in a blaze of glory on the Op-Ed...
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Blue Chip Stocks as Alternative Stores of Value When the world is going to hell on a Harley, investors find few places to hide: Treasury bills, gold, Swiss francs”or the stock of McDonald’s Corp. –Holman Jenkins, “What Pepsi Can Learn From McDonald’s“; The Wall Street Journal (1/27/2012) To Jenkins’ list, I’d add Coke, Phillip Morris,...
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“The Devil Theory of Goldman Sachs”

Price Taker or Price Maker (& Fixer, Stealer, etc.)? The devil theory of Goldman Sachs, at bottom, rests on the premise that Goldman knows the future better than its customers or the rest of us. –Holman Jenkins, “‘Defining the Facebook Deal“; The Wall Street Journal (Jan. 15-16, 2011) THAT’S “the devil theory of Goldman Sachs??”  Really?...
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